Sunday, January 31, 2016

3:00 PM

Scooter's Coffee House

446 W 47th , Kansas City, MO (map)

  • Let's get some blogging done!
    This Meetup has one purpose: get motivated to blog. This is not a training session or workshop. It is not a Q&A for plugins... It is a time-period for us all to do that one thing we "never have time" to get done.
    No matter if your website is a sports blog, a business website, a personal portfolio - Join us and get some content created! ...or at least spend some time creating a list of ideas for content to be created later.
    Location TBA - Will be in the Plaza/Westport area. I will set a location at the beginning of next week - based on the number of people who RSVP YES for this Meetup.
    Don't think your website "needs a blog?"
    That's fine, there's all types of content your business website could use to help potential clients decide to hire you or help potential customers decide to purchase your products:
    Improve your website's "About Us" page - Great tips from WP Kube
    Frequently asked questions - You know the questions customers/clients ask all the time. Stop wasting time answering those questions and let your website do the work for you!
    Should ask questions - You also know what questions potential customers SHOULD ask while they're shopping around. Get ahead of the game - Answer those questions up front and tell potential customers how you're better than your competition.
    Terms of Service & Privacy Policy - Does your website have these documents? It should
    Thank you pages - When a customer fills out your contact form, are you urging them to read more content on your website? Suggesting FAQs? OR just giving them a simple "Thank you. We'll be in touch" notification?
    404 (page not found) error pages - Usually, when a website visitor hits a 404 page on your site, they are looking for something they expect to be there. Maybe another blog linked to your website, then you deleted the page. Maybe a link on your own site had a mistyped URL - Either way, visitors were expecting to see your content. Instead of a simply "Sorry, the page you're looking for cannot be found" message, build a page that says "Sorry... But maybe you'll like to read _____" and list your latest blog posts, your list of services, or information about you and your website... ANYTHING useful!
    Case Studies - Talk in-depth about specific clients who had a problem that you helped solve
    Testimonials - Ask for/use comments from your clients who had a great experience with you. Don't cheat and make these up. Seriously.
    Products/Services - We've all seen the websites that simply list the services they offer, without an in-depth description, discussion of process or anything to support that the business is actually capable of providing the service they say they can. If you cannot write an in-depth article about every service you offer... Should you really be offering that service? Does anyone believe you're capable of providing that service?
    Now that I've given you at least 50 topics for content on your website, it's time to get motivated, set aside time, and actually create that content!
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