• Location TBD

    TBD, Overland Park, KS (map)
    38.952522 -94.718437

  • Lets get a bit more informal and have some quality discussions over lunch!
    If you have an idea of where you want to have lunch around Johnson County, just send a message!  We will iron out the details when it gets closer to the date.

  •

    • Johnny's Tavern North

      410 N Second, LawrenceKS (map)
    • This informal gathering is for designers and developers to get together, grab some food and/or drinks, and talk shop. A lot of great discussions and networking happen organically at these meetings, don't miss out!


    •  to 
    • Hammerspace

      440 E 63rd St , Kansas CityMO (map)
    • 1/2 block east of Oak St. on 63rd St.
    • Art Jam is a chance for art loving members of HammerSpace to spend some time socializing and working on art related projects in the company of other artist members. Multi-talented instructors, air brushing equipment, and other random, useful materials will be available.
      Art Jam is for HammerSpace members only, unless we are offering a group activity or class during the event.
      If you have an idea for an artistic technique you want to learn, or you're interested in TEACHING the group (and get paid for your time), send us an email and let us know! hammerspacehobby @ gmail 


  • Cerner Innovation Center

    10236 Marion Park Drive, Kansas City, MO (map)

  • One of the key promises of Software Defined Networking (SDN) is network programmability. This session will focus on what open networking components are and how they come together. How to leverage open source tools such as ONIE, Ansible, Behave and Gitlab for not only provisioning, but for modernizing how you operate the data center day to day. Network Programmability that serves as not only a single source of configuration management, but the way you actually drive your network.
    Russ Starr

    Russ started out tinkering with Linux & BSD systems and networking. After gaining a BS in Computer Networking, Russ entered the industry as a network engineer/architect. After over a decade Russ got back to his Linux roots and went into OpenStack and open networking. At Cerner, he is a Sr. Technology Architect on the IaaS/OpenStack Engineering team.
    As a BBQ-capital native, Russ always enjoys smoking some meat while sipping a homebrew. If he's not watching the Royals with his wife and kids, Russ is probably bicycling, playing bass guitar, renovating his old house, or geeking out with audio & video.
    Kevin Witherstine
    Kevin Witherstine is a Systems Engineer at Cumulus Networks with over 20 years of networking industry experience and with a recent focus on SDN and virtual networking. Previous to Cumulus, Kevin has had stints with industry giants such as VMware, Cisco, and Juniper.

    Enter through the West gate (other entrances don’t give access to visitors).
    When you arrive, security will direct you where to park.

  •

  • Sprint Accelerator

    210 W 19th Ter, Kansas City, MO (map)
    39.090065 -94.586769

    • RSVPs open 10 days before the date of the event.
      Come work on Python projects, get programming help, help others, and meet interesting people. We'll begin with brief introductions and an opportunity to talk about what we're each working on. We'll have members available to help beginning Python programmers with language basics and getting Python and related tools installed on their computers. We'll have plenty of time for more advanced topics, too.
      Audience: Everyone! We'll have something for all Python experience levels.
      What to bring: A laptop with WiFi and power cord.

  •

  • DST Systems Inc

    333 West 11th Street, Kansas City, MO (map)

  • Spark has come a long way since it first showed up in our landscape. Lets spend a few moments looking at how far spark has come. Lets look at spark with Hadoop and spark without hadoop. In this discussion we will look at deploying spark the way that best suits your business and solves your data challenges. Taking a look spark in a converged data environment that maximizes your existing technology and skill set investments while allowing you to pick the flavors of the Apache ecosystem including spark that best fits real world use cases.

  •

  • DST Systems Inc

    1055 Broadway Floor 3 Room 308B, Kansas City, MO (map)

  • You Test Where? Performance Testing in DR and Prod!  presented by 2015 CMG Mullen Award Winner Kyle Parrish from  Fidelity Investments 
    . . . AND
    After Kyle's talk there will be a forum discussion where members will present real world examples of how to creatively aquire the performance data needed to build good models.

  •

    • Foo's Fabulous Frozen Custard

      9421 Mission Road, LeawoodKS (map)
    • Since July is frequently a "light" MeetUp month, as lots of people are on vacations or otherwise occupied, we've decided to do an informal "hack & help" MeetUp. Bring a project, or offer to help others.
      I propose we meet up about 7:00 at either Foo's Fabulous Frozen Custard at 9421 Mission Rd in Leawood or at KC Bier Company at 310 W 79th St. in Kansas City. Foo's has a comfortable seating area in the back with couches, high tops, and I believe a low table or two. I believe they're open until at least 9:00. KC Bier Co has long tables and bench style seating, which would work as long as we can commandeer a whole table. I'm not sure how busy they are on Thursday evening. They're open until 11:00. 
      I'm completely open to ideas for location, too. I thought of Tannin Wine Bar downtown. I'm not sure how welcoming they'd be to having a bunch of laptops out there, but there is/was a weekly meeting on Monday and they had it there for years. Snow & Co is an option, though I've personally never liked that place.


    • Stowers Institute

      1000 E 50th St, Kansas CityMO (map)
    • Park in the garage and enter the main building to the west of the garage. Follow the signs and turn right at the security desk.
    • Please join us for an evening of looking at the exciting past month of PHP news and learning about a useful built-in feature of PHP. Russ Lownie will talk about the PHPExcel library
      Light refreshments will be provided. Join us to meet new people, discuss PHP, and learn something new. 
      Our Evening Meeting Format
      We love Web Development and all things PHP. Our meetings are often a little free-formed, but we shoot for this schedule:
      6:00pm - Mingling / Meet and Greet
      6:15pm - Lightning Talk: Last Month in PHP
      6:30pm - Lightning Talk: PhpExcel
      6:45pm - Hack on personal projects!
      Rate the talks!
      (link pending)
      Your topic here? Contact us to speak! 
      All Developers Welcome!
      We understand Web Developers often come from all backgrounds, and many work in more languages than PHP. Whether you're curious and just starting out, dabble in PHP on the weekends, write custom PHP on a daily basis, work in a framework like Symfony, Zend Framework, Silex, Slim, Laravel, CakePHP or customize CMS products like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla; our goal is that you will find something new, useful and thought provoking.
      Interested in giving a presentation to the group, or demoing something you're working on? Contact one of the organizers through Meetup or talk after a monthly meeting to sign up!


  • Johnson County Community College

    12345 College Blvd. Room RC270 , Overland Park, KS (map)

  • TIBCO NOW Comes to You - featuring Cloud Native Application Development on July 13th for our quarterly workshop.
    Join us for a great event where are announcing major product announcements following our new Cloud First strategy. Some of the major announcement were TIBCO Cloud Integration, TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition, TIBCO Flogo and TIBCO Simplr. This workshop will focus on Cloud Native Application Development with following technologies: TIBCO Cloud Integration (Presentation and Lab) TIBCO Cloud Integration enables you to reach new customers through multiple channels such as cloud, mobile and social applications. It enables API Creation and Application Connectivity without writing single line of code with easy to use drag and drop graphical development environment. It allows developers to quickly and easily model, create, test and deploy APIs and easily connect cloud-based services as well as on premise applications.
    TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition (Presentation and Lab)
    TIBCO BWCE allows customers to build cloud native applications with an API-first approach and deploy it to container-based PaaS platform such as Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes.
    TIBCO Flogo (Presentation and Demo)
    Project Flogo is an ultra-lightweight integration software solution for IoT applications and Integration. This is based on Go language based engine which is lighter than Java, which can easily be built into or added to IoT sensors, so that they not only have full digital communications for reporting purposes, but also a large measure of programmable self-management.
    TIBCO Simplr (Presentation and Demo)
    TIBCO Simplr links your cloud apps and automates tasks so you can get your job done faster and more accurately. Whether you’re planning a sales trip, reporting on marketing campaigns, surveying employees, or just trying to improve your productivity, Simplr can help you and everyone in your organization. Collect, manage and move information from cloud services, or from humans with our easy to build forms. Work smarter - independent of help from IT.

  •

    Kansas City Centric Calendar of BIG IT Events for 2016

    02/20 - 02/20 - DevFest KC ( )
    02/26 - 02/28 - Kansas City Service Jam ( )
    03/31 - 03/31 - KC IT Symposium ( )
    04/07 - 04/16 - KC Design Week ( )
    05/04 - 05/04 - Secure World Expo ( )
    05/04 - 05/06 - RailsConf2016 ( )
    05/18 - 05/20 - Nebraska Code() ( ) - Lincoln, NE
    05/20 - 05/22 - Planet Comicon ( )
    05/20 - 05/27 - 1Week KC ( )
    05/21 – 05/21 – SharePoint Saturday ( ) – St. Louis
    05/27 - 05/29 - ConQuest SciFi Convention ( )
    06/10 - 06/12 - WordCamp Kansas City ( )
    06/11 - 06/11 - SQL Saturday ( - Iowa City, IA
    06/13 - 06/14 - ShowMeCon ( ) - St. Louis
    06/22 - 06/24 - Kansas City Developer Conference KCDC ( )
    06/25 - 06/26 - Maker Faire Saturday ( )
    07/07 - 07/07 - DataConnectors Security Conference ( ) - Omaha
    07/21 - 07/21 - INTERFACE Tour Kansas City ( )
    07/23 - 07/23 - Iowa Code Camp  ( ) – Coralville, IA
    07/23 - 07/23 - SQL Saturday ( - Sioux Falls
    07/22 - 07/24 - KantCon Gaming Convention ( )
    07/26 - 07/28 - Stampedecon ( ) - St. Louis
    08/05 - 08/07 - Central Iowa Software Symposium, Des Moines, IA
    08/12 - 08/14 - Kansas City Comic Con ( )
    08/17 - 08/21 - MidAmeriCon II - 74th WorldCon SciFi Convention ( )
    08/17 - 08/17 - IT Symposium ( ) – Oklahoma City
    08/19 - 08/19 - TedxKC ( )
    08/22 - 08/23 - Midwest.IO ( )
    08/?? - 08/?? - IOT Summit KC
    08/27 - 08/27 - SQL Saturday ( - Oklahoma City
    09/07 - 09/09 - Heartland Developers Conference ( ) - Omaha
    09/10 - 09/10 - SQL Saturday ( - St. Louis
    09/12 - 09/18 - TechWeek Kansas City  ( )
    09/14 - 09/16 - Big Data Summit ( )
    09/19 - 09/19 - PMI Professional Development Days ( )
    09/24 - 09/24 - SQL Saturday – Kansas City (
    10/05 - 10/05 - DataConnectors Security Conference ( ) – Okla City
    10/06 - 10/06 - DataConnectors Security Conference ( ) – Kansas City
    10/07 - 10/09 - TsunamiCon 2016 ( - Wichita
    11/10 - 11/13 - MidWest GameFest (
    10/?? – 10/?? - SharePoint Saturday Kansas City
    10/?? – 10/?? - Xamarin Dev Days ( )
    10/18 - 10/19 - Secure World Expo ( ) – St. Louis
    10/20 - 10/22 - DevUp ( - St. Louis
    10/20 - 10/21 - DevOpsDays Kansas City ( eventrbrite)
    10/21 - 10/23 – GlobalHack ( ) - St. Louis
    10/26 - 10/28 - Prairie.Code() ( ) – Des Moines
    11/09 - 11/09 - Lean/Agile KC 2016 ( )
    11/19 - 11/19 - SQL Saturday ( - Lincoln, NE
    12/15 - 12/15 - DataConnectors Security Conference ( ) – St. Louis


    DevOpsDays is a conference that brings development and operations together.  

    This year, Kansas City joins the list of elite cities worldwide to organize and host an amazing two-day event focused on discussing new technology trends and concepts in the DevOps movement.  You are invited to join industry leaders, regional innovators, and local practioners for this very intimate conference.  Tickets are limited!
    Musical Theater Heritage - 2450 Grand Boulevard #301, Kansas City, MO 64108 - View Map


    The dev up Conference 2016 is coming!

    Formerly known as the St. Louis Days of .NET and rebranded during the 2015 conference, we bring you the 9th annual edition. New changes for 2016 bring several enhancements:
    • Thursday precompilers are all hands-on only sessions
    • Half day workshops available on Saturday afternoon at no additional cost
    • Sessions organized by track
    • Alumni discount tickets
    • Reduced number of total tickets available
    Many successful aspects of previous years remain:
    • 140 sessions on Friday and Saturday, October 21st and 22nd
    • Optional, full-day precompiler workshops on Thursday, October 20th
    • Attendee networking party after the sessions on Friday, October 21st
    For 2016, the total number of people on site will be restricted. To enforce that, there will only be a limited number of tickets available:
    • 200 early bird tickets (June 20 - July 17 or until sold out): $250 per person
    • 350 regular/standard (June 27 - September 30 or until sold out): $350 per person
    • 50 student tickets (June 27 - September 30 or until sold out) $60 per student (students age 16-25 only)
    • 200 precompiler passes (only sold with tickets until sold out) $90 per person
    A group discount is available for groups of 10 or more. The discount is 10% off everyone in the group and is only applied to the regular/standard attendee registration fee of $350 per person. (There are no discounts on either the early bird, alumni or student registration nor are there any discounts on merchandise.)
    No refunds will be given after September 20, 2016.


    OWASP-KC June 2016

    Event to be held at the following time, date, and location:
    Tuesday, June 28, 2016 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM (CDT)
    Kauffman Foundation Conference Center
    4801 Rockhill Road
    Troost Room
    Kansas City, MO 64110

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    You are invited to the June meeting of the Kansas City Chapter of the Open Web Application Security Project!  
    This month's speaker will be yours truly (Justin Ferguson) - I will be giving an hour-long overview of the OWASP Top 10.  Many people have mentioned wanting an entry-level discussion of application security for developers - this is the meeting!  
    As usual, the meeting will be from 6:30 to 8:00pm at the Kauffman Foundation Conference Center, just East of the Plaza.  Please RSVP if possible so we can provide an accurate count to the facility, but don't let a lack of RSVP discourage you from attending!  


    Tuesday, July 5, 2016

    7:00 PM

  • Johnny's Tavern North

    410 N Second, Lawrence, KS (map)
    38.978490 -95.235254

  • This informal gathering is for designers and developers to get together, grab some food and/or drinks, and talk shop. A lot of great discussions and networking happen organically at these meetings, don't miss out!

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