Tuesday, May 22, 2018 at 6:00:00 PM VinSolutions 5700 Broadmoor Street, Mission, KS

Adaptive User Interfaces with Xamarin.Forms

Let's take Xamarin.Forms beyond Hello World and explore how to create apps that adapt to your users devices in the real-world. As an app developer, you don't want your apps to just look great in portrait or landscape on a phone, you want to provide a larger display experience option. In this session we will build an app that spans platforms and device types, giving users a rich experience , regardless of platform or form factor. Stop making ugly one-layout-fits-all UI apps, and start making single code-base apps your users love! Everybody wins!

Duane Newman @duanenewman

Duane is Co-Founder of Alien Arc Technologies, LLC where he focuses on creating apps targeting mobile devices, modern desktops, and the Internet of Things. As a Microsoft MVP and technology enthusiast with a passion for good software he strives to bring solutions that improve or eliminate costly duplication and repetitive processes so more important things can be done. He enjoys teaching others and speaks at conferences around the Midwest on topics ranging from DevOps to Xamarin. When not behind a computer screen he can be found sharing his love of SCUBA and all things underwater with new divers at the pool or through his underwater videos and photos at DLDAdventures.com.

See Sharper

Paige Technologies @PaigeKC
Andrew Alldredge @AlldredgeAndrew

9th floor, through the glass doors and around the reception desk Click here for event


Tuesday, May 22, 2018 at 6:00:00 PM 12345 College Blvd 12345 College Blvd, Overland Park, Ka

Hey everyone! It's that time again! We are having the next three meetups at the CoLab @ Johnson County Community College. They have been very generous. One of the main goals we have for 2018 is to start having "split" meetups, where half the group can do the networking, demoing, hanging out, and whatever have you, while the other half of the group deep dives on specific skills and methodologies in Unity and Unreal. We want to not only be the community for VR/AR but we also want to be an ongoing resource for technical knowledge and training. The technical track in this meetup starts with the BP_MotionController pawn in Unreal, and how to get a VR app up and running. From there we will kinda go where the work and questions take us! Very excited to see everyone there next Tuesday!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2018 at 11:30:00 AM Stowers Institute 1000 E 50th St, Kansas City,

https://aug.atlassian.com/events/details/atlassian-kansas-city-presents-may-2018-kcaug-share-consciously-and-carefully-in-confluence META-INF is a Hungarian Atlassian Partner will share information on setting up Confluence Permissions to enusre the right users are seing the right information.</p>When editing a Confluence page, are you aware who you are sharing that info with? The main purpose of Confluence is knowledge sharing. However, more and more companies keep sensitive information in it. What would be the impact of leaking these information?</p>Setting up Confluence Permissions can easily become a dark forest where it's easy to get lost. Do you have non-IT Space admins who have to deal with these Permissions? How do they handle them? Quite often, the answer is confusion or ignorance.</p>We'll show you how our Ultimate Permission Manager for Confluence app can help you feel confident about Who Can See Your Pages.</p>

11:30 am: Welcome, Food & Networking
11:45 am: Announcements
12:00 pm: Share Consciously and Carefully in Confluence
12:45 pm: Lightning Talk


Daniel Marczisovszky - META-INF
Coming Soon

Hosted By
Karen Mustain, Atlassian User Group Leader

Jessica Witt, Atlassian User Group Leader

Kate Lomax, Program Coordinator

Jim McFarlane, Program Manager

David Puchosic, AUG Assistant


Global Partner
Atlassian (http://atlassian.com)
Millions of users globally rely on Atlassian products every day for improving software development, project management, collaboration, and code quality.


For nearly a decade, Atlassian customers have come together to network, share ideas, solve problems, and find new ways to use Atlassian products. Today, more than 15,000 people take part in Atlassian user groups in more than 30 countries.



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Tuesday, May 22, 2018 at 6:00:00 PM , ,

Vidstrut 8.0 AT GOOGLE FIBER

That's right folks, another Vidstrut is upon us. But THIS time, we are doing things a bit different. We will be at Google Fiber for our normal start time and will have props to be featured in the vidstrut entries!

Kyle and I have talked about forming teams, but please, be prepared to make videos. As complicated (bringing a studio worth of stuff) or as simple (using your phone!) as you want!

When you need to record audio, we will have a way to quiet the set.
Looking forward to seeing everyone on the 22nd!

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018 at 6:00:00 PM The NEW HammerSpace Community Workshop 5200 E. 45th St., Kansas City, MO


WELDING FOR EVERYONE! In this class, the instructor will cover basic welding techniques. A variety of useful welding methods will be demonstrated and then repeated by the students. Open to beginners as well as those who have prior experience.

Please bring a long sleeved, preferably denim shirt with you to protect your arms. The class will introduce you to flux-core wire feed, MIG and ARC welding. For ages: 18-118 (All materials included) Seating is limited, so do not hesitate to sign up if interested.

45th & Emanuel Cleaver II Blvd. Click here for event


Tuesday, May 22, 2018 at 6:30:00 PM C2FO 2020 West 89th Street, Leawood, ks

GraphQL has proven to be a viable technology since its inception at Facebook, but it has yet to go truly mainstream. With the advent of hosted GraphQL platforms like AWS AppSync, this no longer must be the case. GraphQL is a protocol and toolset for querying your data in a structured way. The AppSync platform enables easy management of GraphQL instances on AWS. In this session, we start with a brief introduction to GraphQL and how it can change the way you think about your data. Then we will look at how AppSync allows you to get up and running with your own GraphQL endpoint. This simple demo will show how hosting a GraphQL instance on AWS gives you a flexible, self-documenting API that can serve as an efficient alternative to RESTful web services. No experience with GraphQL or AWS is necessary, but a general understanding of REST and APIs in general is a plus.

Speaker Bio:
Mat Warger is a consultant with Keyhole Software. He enjoys learning new concepts and has leveraged this curiosity in positions ranging from startups to the enterprise over the past decade. He can be found chasing the latest and (sometimes) greatest in a wide range of languages and platforms, including React, Angular, .Net, Spring, and the cloud. Find him on twitter @mwarger.

Food Sponsor:
Keyhole Software is a KC software development consulting firm with a team that loves technology. Our expert employee consultants excel as "change agents," helping our clients to be successful with and modernize to technologies that bring competitive advantage. We frequently assist clients with custom application design, development, and modernization initiatives with JavaScript, Java, and .NET technologies.

Knowledge transfer is important to us. We have a weekly technical dev blog, as well as in-team Tech Nights to keep our team all up on the latest in the industry. To our clients, we offer various techniques to provide the most value: one-on-one or group mentoring, lab/lecture courses, and access to our knowledge transfer engine GrokOla.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2018 at 11:30:00 AM Conroy's Public House 5285 W 95th St, Overland Park,

Everyone loves the Irish and their food: Fish n' Chips, Shepherd's pie, and of course Shrimp Diablo Pasta...wait. what?!?

So not purely Irish, but they do have Irish fare. You don't like? They also have burgers, salmon, and nachos? Because, why not?

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