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  • What if Type Checkers were more like Linters? - Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant
    Traditional type systems grow concurrently with a programming language, and is usually an essential part of the language. Recently, it has been popular to enhance otherwise dynamically typed language with a static type system, like TypeScript for JavaScript.

    Typed Clojure is an optional type system for Clojure that is simply a library. In practice, usingTyped Clojure is similar to running a linter over your code; the type checker can be run a la carte,and a type error does not prevent you from using your code normally.

    We explore what it's like to use Typed Clojure, and weigh up the tradeoffs needed to achieve this workflow.
    About the speaker
    Ambrose is the creator of Typed Clojure, and has contributed to various core Clojure libraries. He is currently working full time on Typed Clojure.
    New Attendees
    Welcome! This is an easy meetup to get involved with. There are no functional programming experience expectations or prerequisites of any kind, though some talks are more advanced than others. These events are generally well suited to help infuse functional programming ideas into an existing programming skill set.
    Location Details 
    The address is 4210 Shawnee Mission Parkway, Suite 400A.
    C2FO offices are on the top floor of the same building in which Fairway, KS City Hall is located. This building is right behind Stroud's restaurant and LLKC attendees should be able to gain entry from any door.
    Additional Notes 
    Cerner is sponsoring pizza, so come hungry!
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