Thursday, March 21, 2019 at 6:00:00 PM VeriShip 8880 Ward Pkwy #300, Kansas City, MO

This evening, we'll be teaching people how easy and cost effective it is to switch your organization's data processing from a batch to a real time paradigm. The focus will be on Kafka's role in your information architecture.

We'll have two speakers. Ricardo Ferreira will be delivering a Kafka 101 presentation so you can get the basics of the technology. Bob Wakefield will be delivering a real-world example of how any organization no matter the size can process data in real time.

Presentations start at 1830 SHARP!

New location. Who dis?

Veriship has graciously volunteered their space for the evening. We hope to develop a long and fruitful partnership with them. They're located at 8880 Ward Parkway Suite 300 (Second floor), Kansas City, MO 64114. There is a garage just north of the building where you can park. Make sure you turn in on the Ward Pkwy side.

If you get lost, DO NOT post on the MeetUp! Instead, text me at 785.845.2820.

Ricardo Ferreira, Developer Advocate at Confluent

Talk Title
Everything you Wanted to Know about Kafka and Streaming Platforms But You Were Too Afraid to Ask!

Talk Abstract
In the last few years, Apache Kafka has been used extensively in enterprises for real-time data collecting, delivering, and processing. In this talk, we'll dive into some of the key internals that help make Kafka popular.

Companies like LinkedIn are now sending more than 1 trillion messages per day to Kafka. Learn about the underlying design in Kafka that leads to such high throughput.

Many companies (e.g., financial institutions) are now storing mission critical data in Kafka. Learn how Kafka supports high availability and durability through its built-in replication mechanism.

Ricardo is a Developer Advocate at Confluent, the company founded by the creators of Apache Kafka. He has +21 years of experience working with Software Engineering, where he specialized in different types of Distributed Systems architectures such as Integration, SOA, NoSQL, Messaging, In-Memory Caching, and Cloud Computing.

Prior to Confluent, he worked for other vendors such as Oracle, Red Hat and IONA Technologies, as well as several consulting firms. While at Oracle, he used to be part of the Alpha Team, otherwise known as "The A-Team" — a special unit from the Engineering organization that handles projects using the following philosophy: when all else fails, we don't.

While not working and like any good Brazilian — he loves doing Churrasco's (i.e.: Brazilian Barbecue) with his friends & family, where he gets the chance to talk about anything that is not geek related. Currently, he lives in Apex, North Carolina, with his wife, son and two dogs.

Bob Wakefield, Chief Engineer at Vine Advisors

Talk Title:
Batch is Old and Busted. Real Time is the New Hotness.

Talk Abstract:
It's 2019. There really is no reason why you should have to wait for your data. If you are still processing data in a batch, my guess is the people that write the checks don't realize there is another option. I'm going to show you how you can take your existing architecture and make small tweaks so you can start moving data between systems much faster. I'm going to focus on a low flow use case so you can see that you don't need big data in order to use big data technology.

The talk will be technical but still accessible to non-technical executives.

Bob Wakefield has over 17 years of experience building data systems for numerous organizations across various industries. On many occasions, he has applied his formidable knowledge to radically advance an organization's analytic and data management capabilities.

In his spare time, Bob enjoys cycling and retro gaming. When he's not doing that, he can often be found flying his A-10 Warthog simulator.

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