Wednesday, April 3, 2019 at 5:30:00 PM VeriShip 8880 Ward Pkwy #300, Kansas City, MO

Come play the Agile Fluency Game with us! This board game invites you to "experience" several iterations at a company while the team makes investment decisions (e.g. should we build a collaboration space or learn TDD?) while shipping at least one feature every iteration. What happens if your technical debt or lack of certain practices take up all your time and you can't deliver in an iteration...well, you your company folds!!!

Game play will begin promptly at 6:00 after announcements at 5:45 Typical game play could be up to ninety minutes!!!

Please visit to see the Agile Fluency Game in action.

Please visit to hear Diana Larsen talk about the Agile Fluency Model.

Note: The game can be played with 1-7 players. If there are more than 7 folks that show up... we will first ask who wants to play v observe, and if needed we will allow people to opt-in based on Meetup RSVP order.

Pizza will be provided. There may be beer also, but to be sure or to bring your own preference of beverage, there is a fridge!

Instructions will be at the front door for entry. Click here for event

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