I've been terribly busy at work and at home, and I've neglected the KC R Users Group. Sorry!
We have a meeting scheduled for Saturday, June 14. It's a beginner's session with a focus on data manipulation. I'll talk about missing values (a favorite topic of mine). I'm trying to line up some additional speakers as well.
I know that some of you are beginners and some more advanced. To those of you who are more advanced (meaning that you've done at least one serious data analyses in R), I'd like to encourage you to step up and volunteer to give a talk.
I'm looking for something short and focused. Ideally, it would only be a 15 minute talk, though I could give you more time if you wanted it. It should be a talk that is appropriate for beginners (no Markov Chain Monte Carlo, for example). I'm setting a focus on data manipulation, but anything would be fine. By data manipulation, I mean things like
1. transformations and recoding of variables
2. subset selection
3. data aggregation using apply, tapply, etc.
4. merging files
If you can talk on just one of these topics or on something else related to data manipulation, that would be great. Send me an email and let me know.
If you can't give a talk on June 14, please think about talking at another meeting. We'll have an advanced topics meeting in July (stay tuned for details) and another beginner's meeting in August.
The great value in this group is in hearing different people share what they do in R and learning from the wide variety of experiences that you all have. If you take the time to browse the member list in meetup.com, you'll see that this is truly a diverse and talented group.
We're also informal and very friendly. You'll not find a kinder, gentler, or more interested audience than us. Also, it's a nice little tidbit to brag about on your resume.
Please think about it. You may not consider yourself advanced enough to talk about R, but don't sell yourself short. I've been very impressed with everyone who has talked at previous meetings, and I hope that the range and breadth of the topics we cover can continue through your active participation.