Tuesday, June 29, 2021 at 5:00:00 PM Online event

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5:00pm-5:05pm: Online Networking
5:05pm-5:50pm: Alianna Inzana, Tyler Mills and Temil Sanchez, Smart Bear
5:50pm: Log in or Join our Forum (forum.confluent.io) to ask any follow up questions!



Testing with AsyncAPI for Kafka: Brokering the Complexity


Quality Matters … and as event-driven architectures (EDA) become increasingly popular in the microservices space, ensuring the delivery and performance of your EDA increases in importance. But while it's powerful architecture, it does come with its challenges, especially from a testing perspective.

For example, most organizations are not reliant on Kafka alone, but a multitude of interconnected APIs like REST, GraphQL and gRPC. One of the questions that arise from this challenge: How do you build end-to-end tests when the APIs are completely different technologies—without relying on fragile scripts?

In our talk, we'll tackle this question and many more when it comes to the testing of Apache Kafka endpoints and your services architecture. We'll cover what makes testing in EDA difficult; technologies that can help you; and how we at SmartBear are thinking about these testing problems, and how we are trying to solve for them

What makes testing so difficult in EDA
What's in a message: Defining an event
Spec-based testing: Benefits of using AsyncAPI
Testing Demo: How we build off AsyncAPI and other protocols to streamline testing

With the lessons learned from sponsoring the OpenAPI Specification (Swagger) and supporting Kafka, the SmartBear team is looking forward to taking you on a testing journey.


Alianna Inzana, Senior Director of API Testing & Virtualization, SmartBear Software
Ali is the product leader for API Testing & Virtualization at SmartBear. Her career has spanned institutional asset management, economics, energy, security, and has led her to building the software that makes those other platforms possible. Her product management Super-power is asking weird questions at the right moment.

Tyler Mills, Product Director, ReadyAPI, SmartBear Software
Tyler is the Director of Product for SmartBear ReadyAPI, the API testing platform enabling functional, performance and security testing of APIs as well as virtualization of APIs that are not yet available. He has extensive experience in product management, user experience, and software development

Temil Sanchez, Product Owner, ReadyAPI, SmartBear Software
Temil Sanchez is a product owner who is currently responsible for driving product roadmap and optimizing each component of the development lifecycle. For the past 10 years Temil has had a focus on creating best API practices in testing, development and design via different roles in QA, support, solutions engineering and product. With the varying roles he brings a great deal of perspective to the API lifecycle and its future

Online Meetup Etiquette:
•Please hold your questions until the end of the presentation or use the zoomchat during!
•Please arrive on time as zoom meetings can become locked for many reasons (though if you get locked out a recording will be available, but you may have to wait a little while for it!)


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