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At this event, we will hear from a member of the RxJS Core Team, Jan-Niklas Wortmann, as well as hold an open discussion on topics and questions related to RxJS.

RxJS is getting more popular every day. The amount of downloads from the public registry is insane, with around 50 million downloads per month. Everyone that already uses RxJS knows that the added value of RxJS mostly comes from the provided operators. These operators enable us to develop complex scenarios in a fairly comprehensible manner.
Right now RxJS already provides over 100 different operators and it is also possible to extend this huge list by developing custom operators.

But wait, do you actually know how operators are internally structured? How is this magic piece of code developed that brings so much power? Everyone uses RxJS operators on a daily bases, but no one really knows about the internals of it! Within this talk, we will take a deep dive into the internals of RxJS to understand how operators are developed. This will first make us understand how these operators work and second enables us to write our own operators to fully embrace the power of RxJS.

-- Jan-Niklas Wortmann is a self-employed IT consultant mostly working on Angular projects. He helps companies in designing and implementing large scaled applications. Developing clean and maintainable code is one of his main goals. Due to his passion for the Community, he is a member of the RxJS Core Team and organizer of the NgNiederrhein Meetup.

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