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January 2020 Meeting

Our January meeting features a live presentation from Brent Ozar.
Presentation Synopsis:
Why is the Same Query Sometimes Slow?

You swear nothing has changed, but all of a sudden, out of nowhere, queries that used to be fast are suddenly slow. Even weirder, you take the slow query from the application, run it in SSMS, and it's totally fast! What's going on? You restart SQL Server or update statistics, and the problem seems to go away - but only for a few days or weeks, and then it comes right back. You're familiar enough with execution plans to realize that you're getting different plans, but...why? And how do you fix it long term?

In this session, you'll see live demos of the most common culprit: parameter sniffing. You'll learn how to recognize parameter sniffing when it strikes, understand what causes it, see how to fix it short term with the lowest impact possible, and learn 7 ways to fix it long term.

To get the most out of this session, you should have already watched the free online class How to Think Like the Engine, and be familiar with using SET STATISTICS IO ON to see logical reads.
Meeting Location:
Farm Credit Services of America, 4979 S 118th St, Omaha, NE

Meeting Time:
Wednesday, January 22, 2020 6:00 PM.
Meeting Sponsor:
Farm Credit Services of America
Food will be provided 15-20 minutes prior to the start of our event.

Please RSVP to confirm your attendance.

Also, Omaha SQL User Group has a presence on Meetup!  You can join the group here.


We are always looking for speakers!  Our group would love to have you speak and present on projects you're working on, new technologies, problems you've solved, development practices, or anything else you'd like to share.  Our strength is in our community, and we are all interested in learning additional skills!  Please reach out to me if you'd like to speak - even if it is for a short presentation.  Do not feel like you have to cover an entire meeting's worth of content.  If you know of someone that would be a great speaker, or a topic that you'd like to have presented, please reach out!


If you are interested in sponsoring our user group, please reach out to me. We can always use sponsors to provide meeting venues, food, giveaways, etc... Our meetings are well attended (20-30 attendees) and are great opportunities for networking within our community. Please let me know if you'd like to be a sponsor.

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