HUG Access SIG Meeting 6:30 pm, July 19, 2017 at JCCC, Regnier Center - 3rd Floor, RC 355
Presentation 1:    
Title:    “Susie Gilson Presents ‘Fun with Forms’” 
Presenter:    Susie Gilson
Description: Learn ways to beef up the usability of forms in Access.
Bio: Susie has been using Access since the mid-1990s.  Since the early 2000s, she has developed and used many database applications for her various roles with Girl Scouts.  This includes several key roles with GS Day Camp, where she developed and used Access based applications for accounting, transportation logistics, unit registration, and medical information for upwards of 400 registrants at a time.  Other applications have included management tracking and quality monitoring databases used for private industry.
 Q&A Session:
Presentation 2:    
Title:    When Good Data Goes Bad
Presenter:   Clayton Crowther
Description: When you draw data from multiple sources, inconsistencies are fairly common.  Access provides queries to address missing and duplicate records.  With a little work, you can combine these queries into one query that will tell you a lot about the quality of data you have.

Bio: I started out as a Gas Revenue Accountant.  I spent 3-5 days a month using a ten key to fill out large spreadsheets (they were all paper in those days).  I thought there had to be a better way and there was.  It was a mainframe batch Cobol system written by a bunch of accountants that were converted into programmers.  That got me started into the wonderful(?) world of computers.  By the way they wrote some of the best code I have ever seen.  It was so good I could maintain Assembler code, and I don’t know Assembler.  After a number of different things such as planning analyst, financial analyst and contract administrator, I decided I wanted to get back into I.T. (it was Data Processing when I started out).  It was 1998 and I thought my Cobol skills could get me an I.T. job handling Y2K changes, but the hiring manager was in charge of Internet applications.  As a result, I have spent nearly twenty years working on the web.  A good part of the early 2000s was more fun than a person should have going to work and it is still that way at times, especially when you can help create or fix a system.  In I.T., I have been a programmer/analyst, project manager and variations on a Business Systems Analyst.  For several years I was a contractor, so I was whatever the company needed me to be that I could reasonably do. I started working on spreadsheets using Visicalc and Lotus 1-2-3.  I have been using Access for a long time, but mainly tables and queries.  I got some second hand education when my wife took the Access classes last fall, so I decided to take them this past spring and that is how I found out about this users group.
Upcoming Meeting:  
08-16-17 RC 355
09-20-17 RC 353
10-18-17 RC 355
11-15-17 RC 353
12-20-17 RC 353

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