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Meeting Topic:   A conversation about getting people engaged in an Agile transformation.

Meeting Description:
Rob Kraft asked about this topic at a recent Agilehood KC event and thought it might be of interest to the group at large.  This month's meeting won't follow the model of a speaker presenting their thoughts or ideas.  Rather it will be about you all, the community, sharing what has and has not worked for your teams.  

Rob has offered to facilitate the discussion and describes his thoughts on the upcoming meeting as follows:
"I would like to facilitate a discussion of ideas about how to get people engaged in an agile transformation.  I won't be bringing the answers, but I will be bringing questions.  I'd like to do some general brainstorming, and then perhaps focus on a few specific questions like:
·         Is culture preventing our transformation?  If so, how can we change it?
·         What communication and feedback is right, and what communication and feedback is wrong?
·         How can we motivate employees to embrace the agile manifesto?
·         I want to lead a self-organizing team but my team won't self-organize, what can I do?
·         How can I communicate vision clearly?  What tools, techniques, and processes can we use to do this?
·         Our retrospectives are stale with no new suggestions for process changes.  Does that mean we have achieved the perfect process?
I'm hoping we can all learn from the experiences of each other and leave with some ideas to inject new vigor into our organizations.
I am a software development architect and project manager.  Our team currently uses a Kanban approach and our team fills the board with new tasks every two weeks and we release packaged software every six months.  I have been writing software professionally since 1988 and have strong technical skills that I still use daily.  Our software is developed mostly using the Microsoft stack, with a new front end being developed using AngularJs and SQL Server or Oracle.  We use LeanKit Kanban for progress boards along with a few bug tracking systems."

This will be a great way to share and learn insights from the community at large.  If you have questions or something to share please join us on the 27!

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