Tuesday, October 29, 2013
6:30 PM

  • 12345 College Boulevard, Overland Park, KS (map)
    38.924896 -94.726860

    General Education Building Room 233
  • A Sip of Elixir - Will Gorman
    As systems continue to become more distributed and concurrent, Erlang can provide attractive solutions for reducing the complexity that often arises in these systems.  Erlang's syntax, however, may not be as attractive.  Elixir is a language that runs on the Erlang VM and provides a Ruby inspired syntax while still maintaining Erlang's strengths in dealing with concurrency.  In this talk we'll take a brief look at some of the features of Elixir.
    About the Speaker
    When not acting as a human jungle gym for his two kids, Will Gorman enjoys making artisanal handcrafted 0's and 1's.
    Big Data Processing on a Small Scale Using Scala - Sean Griffin
    Sean will discuss his academic experiment to use functional programming techniques and features in Scala, particularly lazy evaluation and parallel collections, to replicate a local solution commonly solved using map/reduce.  The theory is: Hadoop overhead might be overkill.  He'll discuss the project, his attempted solution, and its results, whether it be success or epic fail.
    About the Speaker
    Sean has been doing software development for over 13 years at Cerner Corporation, working primarily on server-side reporting, SOA, and most recently, large scale ETL within the Hadoop ecosystem.  In 2009, Sean started hearing about Scala and quickly got on a path to spread it through his teams and the rest of the company through adoption, tool development, and education.  He has presented on Scala both at the Kansas City Developer Conference and Cerner's internal Developer Conference.  He has also contributed code to the scalatest-maven-plugin and has worked with Artima president and Escalate Software co-founder Bill Venners to determine future Scala Test features.
    New Attendees
    Welcome!  This is an easy meetup to get involved with.  There are no functional programming experience expectations or prerequisites of any kind, though some talks are more advanced than others.  These events are generally well suited to help infuse functional programming ideas into an existing programming skill set.
    Event Location
    Johnson County Community College has been kind enough to host this event, so a big thank you to the staff!  Enter from the College Blvd/Oakmont entrance and park in the Student Center lots (indicated by the student walking icon) or near the Carlsen Center (CC), to access GEB from the north entrance. 
    Wifi at the Event
    1.  From a wireless device, go to SETTINGS and select JCCC-WIFI.
    2.  Open a browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox) and enter: www.jccc.edu
    3.  Once connected, click on SELF-SERVICE (bar under GUEST WIRELESS).
    Complete the name fields to generate a guest wireless userID/password to use while on campus.
    Additional Notes
    O'Reilly has provided us with a book from their functional programming collection to give out as a prize at this event.  If you have any clever ideas on a game we can play to pick a winner, please send me an email.
    I will update this post with food details when I know them.
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