HUG Access SIG Meeting 6:30 pm, August 15, 2012, at JCCC, Regnier 2nd Floor, RC 253
Beginners Presentation:Presenter: Silvia Siren
Topic: Tip #4 - A Single query to Do Both Updates and Insertions
Silvia will be presenting Access Solutions Tip 4 - Single Query to do Both Updates and Insertions. This is a beginner level presentation which will demonstrate the use of a query to update information in a table in order to keep two sources of data synchronized. Please join us for this presentation and for a discussion of different types of queries!
Advanced Presentation:
Presenter: Bill Diamond
Topic: Null Propagation
When placing text in a form or report we often need to add elements that are not a part of the text itself. This is usually punctuation such as the period after the middle initial, the comma after city in an address and the double space after the state and before the zip code as desired by the poatal service. There are simple means to do this and they work all the time as long as the data has every field filled. In the case of a missing middle initial or left out city leaves a . where the middle initial was expected and a comma where the city is supposed to be. In the case where there is no second address line leaves a noticeable gap in the address label.
With the presentation we will show a method that lets Access do the things it wants to do but trick it into doing them the way we desire. This involves a method known as Null Propagation This operation lets us format the text and it also has a side benefit, the ability to squeeze more data onto an address label which can often relieve the need to switch to a larger label.
Bill Diamond in the past was a heavy user of Microsoft Access and picked up a few tricks along the way which he is willing to share with the rest of the group.
Monthly Give-Away: Microsoft Access 2010 All-in-One for Dummies by Alison Barrows, Margaret Levine Young & Joseph C. Stockman. This reference shows how to take advantage of Microsoft Access 2010's new features and capabilities so you can, well, access the information you need. You'll breeze through everything from tables, queries, and forms to database administration and Visual Basic for Applications as you learn this program.
Give-away drawing for HUG members only.
Sponsored by: Heritage Computer Consulting & Services, Inc.
Arlene Watkins

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