Tuesday, July 30, 2019 at 6:30:00 PM VeriShip 8880 Ward Pkwy #300, Kansas City, MO

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Join us for 2 special guest speakers, Rob Ocel and Tracy Lee, from This Dot Labs!

We are all too familiar with projects and companies that only seem to be able to support senior developers, but this can get expensive, unsustainable, and your team can begin to look very myopic. Teams begin groupthink, ideas become stale, and it can be difficult to reinvigorate the growing sense of mundane development. It doesn't have to be this way. In fact, creating an inclusive architecture can help development go faster and become more cost effective.

It's not difficult to begin adjusting your sails and beginning to create an architecture that is inclusive in nature to support junior developers, project managers, and designers. No application is too critical, complicated, or obscure to be able to achieve this. We'll talk through frameworks, tools, abstractions, and simple steps that can help you start building inclusively.

We will also talk through how you can build a corresponding culture that allows inclusivity on your team, and why this is so critical to your business. We'll walk through processes you can incorporate, team roles, and how you can build a better template for the future of your business.

Are you overthinking RxJS? Overwhelmed by the ~70 operators available to you? Confused by the docs and need someone to explain to you what on earth the differences between all the -maps are? Are you using that operator right? What operator should you actually be using? How do other people use RxJS operators? This talk covers walks through lamens terms definitions and real world use cases for some of the most important operators out there so you can effectively maximize your use of RxJS and get clarity on what RxJS is doing in your application.

Since this is a joint event, RSVPs will be managed on Eventbrite. Don't wait until the day of as we may reach capacity!

Tracy is the Co-Founder of This Dot Labs, an consultancy helping teams build front end applications and is focused on changing the ratio in tech. She is also a Google Developer Expert, RxJS Core Team member, a Women Techmakers Lead, and a frequent keynote speaker at conferences. She heads up Community Relations at Node Foundation, is the host of the Modern Web podcast, organizer of This.JavaScript, Contributor Days, Google Developer Group Silicon Valley and Triangle, and RxWorkshop. You can find her on Twitter @ladyleet or at http://thisdot.co/labs.

Rob is a Senior Software Developer at This Dot Labs, a consultancy helping companies build large scale applications. He is a co-host of the Modern Web podcast, the This Dot Labs podcast, and a frequent speaker at local meetups. You can find him on Twitter @robocell or at http://thisdot.co/labs. Rob has a passion for mentoring new developers and finding ways to explain difficult concepts in modern JavaScript development. He has been doing software development for over 10 and is fascinated with front-end frameworks and their power to bring ever more diverse developers into the profession. When not developing, Rob spends time keeping up with his one year old son, is an avid fan of JRPGs, and is obsessed with college basketball.

You can park in the lot right next to the entrance. We'll be on the second floor. Someone will be at the front door to let guests in. Click here for event

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