Sunday, August 27, 2017 at 1:00:00 PM The NEW HammerSpace Community Workshop 5200 E. 45th St., Kansas City, MO

You've always wanted to learn, and now we're finally offering the the class! Learn how to use a desktop milling machine to carve your Three Dimensional designs into Foam, Wood, Plastic, and anything else a mill bit will cut. Make the Robots do you biding for you! In this Introductory level class we'll be learning about the tools and process of going from digital design in your computer to cold hard aluminum part in your hand. We will be using Autodesk Fusion 360's CAM Tools, Mach3, and a modified Harbor Freight Milling machine to carve 3 dimensional parts from blocks of Aluminum. This class will be a combination lecture, demonstration, and general CNC Questions & Answer Session. If you'd like to follow along as we go, please bring your Computer​ and Mouse​ to the class.

In this Two hour class we will cover:

● The Basics and Terminology of 3D Milling

● Limitations when designing 3D Models for a desktop milling machine

● The Fusion 360 CAM Workspace

● Milling Strategies

● Tool Selection Basics

● Setting up multiple tool passes

● G-Code Post-processing and Export

● The Inventables Easel G-Code Sender

● Running a Milling Path from Easel

We will also briefly discuss:

● Types of Milling Machines

● Exporting G-Code for Machines from other manufacturers

● Strategies for Multi-sided toolpaths

If you are not a member of Hammerspace, please arrive a few minutes early so we can cover some basic safety topics.

45th & Emanuel Cleaver II Blvd. Click here for event

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