June 12th, 2017 Meeting

June 12th, 2017 Meeting
This June we host Steen Rasmussen, CA, Patrick Bossman, IBM, and our own Kevin Harrison, Argus Health.
Here is our agenda for the June 12th meeting:
8:00 to 8:30 am Check in and continental breakfast
8:30 to 8:45 am IBM
IBM Announcements – Manas Dasgupta, IBM
8:45 to 10:00 am – Steen Rasmussen, CA
What’s hidden in the ARCHIVES – DB2’s answer to American Pickers?
10:00 to 10:15 am Break
10:15 to 11:30 am – Patrick Bossman
DB2 z DevOps and Cloud Provisioning
11:30 to 12:30 pm Lunch
New CA Technology Presentation (optional)
12:30 to 2:00 pm –  Patrick Bossman
Dynamic Plan Stability
2:00 to 2:15 pm Break
2:15 to 3:30 pm – Kevin Harrison, Argus Health
A DB2 technician's perspective on Spark, Machine Learning, and Data Lakes
3:30 to 3:35 pm Stefan Kolev, President
User Group Announcements

More Information:
Speaker Bios:
Steen Rasmussen is a Sr. Engineering Services Architect currently instrumental in the ongoing development and support of the CA Technologies DB2 tools. In 1985 Steen started as an IMS/DB2 DBA at a major insurance company in Denmark working with all aspects of DB2 - like tuning, application design and implementation, education of developers, backup and recovery planning and automation of housekeeping processes. During this job, Steen also served as a member of the planning committee for DB2 GUIDE SHARE Nordic Region. In 1995 Steen became a technical manager at PLATINUM Technology managing technical support and presales for the DB2 products.
Steen has been working with DB2 for z/OS Release 1.0 since 1985 and is always looking for new opportunities in the CA DB2 solutions which can help customers manage DB2 more efficiently. Besides from providing support to the teams in the field as well as internal groups at CA technologies working with DB2, Steen is also a frequent speaker at IDUG in North America, EMEA and Australia as well as local DB2 User Groups around the world. Since 2014 Steen has been an IBM Information Management Champion. Since 2013 Steen has been the CA liaison for IDUG NA.   

Patrick Bossman is a Senior Technical Staff Member for DB2 for z/OS Development. His current role is the lead architect for DevOps and cloud provisioning for DB2 for z/OS. This includes REST enablement of services to provision, configure, manage, and use DB2 for z/OS. Patrick also assists with the design of install, migration, 24x7 application availability, query optimization and performance tuning and tooling.

Kevin Harrison joined Argus in June of 2016 after 27 years as Certified Senior I/T Architect and DB2 Sr. Software Engineer at IBM, serving on the DB2 SWAT team a worldwide group of experts based at the IBM Silicon Valley Lab in San Jose. He has broad experience in application development, database management systems, architecture development, technical infrastructures, and system integration.  37 years of overall DB2 experience with a wide range of implementations and engagements with DB2 on large systems. He has served as a DB2 educator, DB2 Redbook author, DB2 user group liaison and speaker, led many DB2 design/implementation reviews, and DB2 performance and tuning engagements. He is certified in several disciplines in DB2 z/OS and currently is a member of the American Association of Enterprise Architects and Open Group Master IT Architects.  He is a customer designated member of the IBM Professional Certification Exam developers team where he contributes and authors certification exams for DB2 z/OS.
He is currently serving as an Executive IT Architect for Argus Health Systems, with responsibility for DB2 technical lifecycle management, DB2 product technical direction, integration of Argus POS with new technologies such as Spark and Machine Learning. At Argus he is working on new processes to improve DB2 resiliency, allow for faster and greater uptake of DB2 new function for faster adaptability,  and overall DB2 consultancy on a variety of issues.

What’s hidden in the ARCHIVES – DB2’s answer to American Pickers ? 
DB2 10 offered Temporal Tables to optimize, automate and streamline the ability to keep the history of a row’s life. DB2 11 adds a different dimension to this area – now it’s possible to have DB2 automate archiving data without the need for applications to activate triggers, execute reorg DISCARD processing or even maintain your own programs to achieve archiving.

Detailed abstract :   
The attendee will get a detailed overview of what’s needed in terms of DDL to enable data archiving automatically as well as the changes needed from the SQL/application view. There’s no perfect world (Utopia doesn’t exist) so we will also look into the limitations and restrictions when Archive tables are exploited in DB2 11 NFM. Next topic is to go over what needs to be considered in terms of backup and recovery as well as other DB2 utilities which are impacted.
The entire presentation will be done based on a real DB2 11 subsystem to see how all the moving parts work together.     

Bullet points :
1)      DDL changes to enable archive tables
2)      DML changes / add-on’s to facilitate Archive tables
3)      Restrictions, limitations and gotcha’s
4)      Utility considerations
5)      A case study using a real DB2 11 system – some ideas about implementation

DB2 z DevOps and Cloud Provisioning
Modern development organizations demand agility. Learn how incorporating DevOps practices and self-service provisioning, you can radically improve the productivity of developers and DBAs.

This presentation will show how a non-z skilled developer can self-service provision an application database environment, make a stateful schema change and have it instantly deployed, changing their sandbox development environment. If desired, DBA defined business rules and naming conventions can be enforced as part of the automated process. See how to efficiently perform DBA review and approval via automated generation of changed artifacts and deployment process delivered to the DBA when it's time for review. Learn how when the database schema change is integrated, developers with newly down-version environments can have changes automatically pushed, or be auto-notified with a link to upgrade their sandbox environment when they are ready.

Dynamic Plan Stability
Increase application availability by avoiding unexpected dynamic SQL performance regressions.
Query performance instability has been a key drawback of dynamic SQL. Learn how to use dynamic plan stability to stabilize query performance, and reduce CPU costs during workload transitions. This presentation walks through stabilizing an application, explaining stabilized queries, observing invalidation and re-stabilization, identifying and removing stale queries, and more.
A DB2 technician's perspective on Spark, Machine Learning, and Data Lakes 
New technologies in Big Data and Machine Learning that utilize DB2 databases present new challenges for traditional DBA and System programming staff. A whole new set of design thinking comes into play. Migration of DB2 data to "lakes" or using our own DB2 structures as part of a "lake" can challenge our known parameters around data consistency, availability, performance, and replication. How does all this stuff fit together?  How do we prepare our enterprise to accommodate this technology and how do we adapt?
And what are all these new terms and principles and how do we interact with Data Scientists?
This session will start with some basics and relate the experience of a long term DB2 technician and the challenges involved in an implementation of this technology. The viewpoint is from SPARK on z/OS with the ML component on x/86 Linux. But the thought process is all the same regardless of platform.

Member Fees
The membership fees for 2017 remain unchanged from 2016 and the breakdown is as follows:
2017 Fee Structure:
Annual Membership $180.00
Pay in Advance Single Event $ 55.00
Late Registration/Walk in Single Event $ 65.00

Please Note:  There are options to purchase annual memberships as well as individual meetings through the website.
Meeting Location
A reminder that our meetings are held at Kansas University -
Edwards Campus, Regnier Building at 127th and Quivira in Overland Park.
*** Please note this is the Regnier Building at KU-E, NOT the ***
*** Regnier Building at Johnson County Community College. ***
Kansas University - Edwards Campus
12600 Quivira Rd
Overland Park, KS 66213-2402
Maps and directions are available here:
The Regnier building is in the southeast corner of the complex, and you will find parking in front of that building off of 127th St. Our exact room will be posted on the information screen as you enter the building.
I hope to see you on June 12th!

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