As we settle into 2017, we'll start back to our regular monthly Agile KC evening meetings.  The next Agile KC meeting will be Thursday, January 26, 2017 at Centriq Training.  Please visit to register for this meeting and to get a map to the location.

Topic:  I Am An Enoughinist

Key Learning: 
Voltaire is credited with saying 'Pefect is the enemy of good.'  Often times teams and\or companies struggle with delivering value becuase they are striving for perfection.  This month's meeting is going to bring a great session on this topic from recent Lean Agile Kansas City conference to the AgileKC crowd.  If you missed it, you're in luck.  If you saw it, plan on joining us and sharing your thoughts on 'progress over perfection.'

“Simplicity—the art of maximizing the amount of work not done—is essential”. This is perhaps the most difficult Agile principle to follow. My take on this principle is a new word… Enoughionism. It’s not really at the other end of the spectrum from perfectionism, but somewhere between it and disorder/insufficient. If you could find a definition in the Dictionary, it might be something like this: Enoughionism (ee-NUF-uhn-ism) – The theory that for any given desired outcome there is a level of sufficient completion that satisfies the need without providing a perfect solution. Any effort past the sufficient level will result in diminished returns, wasted effort or features that aren’t needed. Great care must be taken to ensure that simple solutions are pursued. This session will lead participants through a few simple steps to apply the principle of simplicity in both their personal lives as well as the work environment. We will learn how to determine desired outcomes, identify when enough has been done, and then focus on moving on.

Speaker Bio:
Preston has a passion for finding the best ways to get things done. This passion has led him to study Lean and Agile, which he uses on a daily basis to help his teams deliver awesomeness to the client. Though he started his undergraduate career studying music, Preston quickly realized that his greatest joy did not lie in music but in seeing and helping others learn, grow and accomplish greatness. Not only does he love solving all sorts of difficult problems with elegant solutions, he also wants to empower and uplift others to solve any conundrum that arises. Over the last 11 years, he has assisted more than 40 different groups and organizations in transforming their operations with Lean and Agile principles. He has worked in such industries as pharmaceuticals labs, electronics assembly, food production, furniture manufacturing, product development and supply chain management. The companies and groups he has helped include: HON, Pepperidge Farm, Novartis, International Rectifiers, Johnson and Johnson, Merck, Pfizer, YRC, Nickel and Suede, Juniper Systems, Icon Health and Fitness, Allergen, Purdue Pharmaceuticals, and Elan. During his off hours, Preston teases his two daughters, plays bass in the Chandler Family Band and takes his wife on dates. His hobbies include playing the bass guitar, building furniture, music and reading. He also thinks that the only form of camping includes backpacking in 20 miles from the middle of nowhere (real men don’t drive to their campsites). In a previous life, Preston graduated from Utah State University with a BS Statistics, BA Human Resources, and BA Operations Management. He also earned his Masters in Business Operational Excellence from The Ohio State University. He continues learning to speak/read Spanish and expand his knowledge of Agile and Lean…

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