Friday, December 14, 2012

4:00 PM
  • 4830 Rainbow Blvd, Westwood, KS(map)

    We're in the old white brick Fisca Oil building on Rainbow
  • White Elephant (also known as Stealing Santa, the Kamikaze Gift Exchange, and Yankee Swap) is a snarky party game played during the holiday season. We love playing games here at Red Nova Labs (can’t you tell by now?), and we thought it would be a fun idea to incorporate this casual theme at December's Venture Friday.

    The game will double as a speed intro event; everyone who brings a gift will introduce him or herself and will take a minute to say what they’re working on or looking for.
    Also, anyone who shows up in a holiday sweater or some kind of festive outfit will win a door prize.

    How to play White Elephant:
    • Everyone brings an inexpensive gift
    • All gifts must be wrapped with no exterior markings
    • Everyone puts their gifts in one pile
    • Everyone draws a number (1 to # of people playing)
    • Number 1 goes first, picks and unwraps a gift
    • Number 2 can pick another gift or “steal” any unwrapped gift
    • If an unwrapped gift is “stolen,” the person it is stolen from can either “steal” another gift or pick an unwrapped gift
    • The next person’s turn occurs after a wrapped gift is opened
    • The game ends when all gifts are unwrapped

    Now let's all play nice!
    • Gifts cannot cost more than $25 and no less than $5
    • Gifts cannot be overly offensive or illegal
    • A gift cannot be immediately stolen back
    • All gifts must be kept in plain sight

    The game is meant to be entertaining and fun; no sore-sports allowed. The price limit ensures that everyone wins and has a good time. Not sure what to bring? Here are some gift ideas: a pet rock, a bacon-scented car air freshener, or canned unicorn meat.

    As usual, we will be providing the food and beverages. Snowtinis (Carrie's own recipe) will be served instead of Red Nova Labs' signature Raspberry Lemonade in celebration of the holiday season.
    Bring your holiday spirit and entrepreneurial vibe.

    No soliciting or mooching please (entrepreneurial mojo required; read more in Discussions).
    Under 21 entrepreneurs welcome, but please let us know in advance (contact the organizers for info).
    Want to present your idea, get feedback, or find testers? Have an idea for an awesome entrepreneurial jam? We invite startup stimulation. Contact Carrie at Red Nova Labs.
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