• Stowers Institute

    1000 E 50th St, Kansas City, MO (map)

  • Park on the main level of the parking garage in a "Visitor" space. Follow signs to "Visitor's Entrance" and the security desk, who will direct you to our room. If you're lost txt 785-845-1902.
  • KC's PHP User Group at the Stowers Institute (Plaza)
    While the TechStars program is in full swing at the Sprint Accelerator, our friends at the Stowers Institute will be hosting us!  Join us to meet new people, discuss PHP, and learn something new.  
    Our Evening Meeting Format
    We love Web Development and all things PHP. Our meetings are often a little free-formed, but we shoot for this schedule:
    6:00pm - Mingling / Meet and Greet 
    6:15pm - Modern Debugging Strategies 
    or, what to do when your code plays tricks on you
    Dan Holmes will present some debugging strategies available today: tools built into PHP, service websites, toolbars, exception handlers and xdebug.
    John Kary will present on, the new and easiest tool for profiling your PHP application from BOTH the web browser and command-line.
    Your topic here? Contact us to speak!
    All Developers Welcome!
    We understand Web Developers often come from all backgrounds, and many work in more languages than PHP. Whether you're curious and just starting out, dabble in PHP on the weekends, write custom PHP on a daily basis, work in a framework like Symfony, Zend Framework, Silex, Slim, FuelPHP, CakePHP or customize CMS products like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla; our goal is that you will find something new, useful and thought provoking.
    Interested in giving a presentation to the group, or demoing something you're working on? Contact one of the organizers through Meetup or talk after a monthly meeting to sign up!

  •

    Wednesday, April 1, 2015

    6:00 PM
  • Town Pavilion

    1100 Walnut St, Kansas City, MO (map)

  • Spring Web Flow is a spring project that allows the development of wizard like web applications with conversation scope, flow "transactions", subflow modules and serialized state management.  We will be exploring the following topics:
    • What is Web Flow and when should I use it or not?
    • Configuring Web Flow and integrating it into a Spring web application context with JSP and Tiles.
    • Real world business problems and their web flow solutions 
    • Purchasing Insurance Online and Insurance Licensing Online.
    • A new kind of IOC, Inversion of the Controller.  The Web Flow XML.
    • Planning a flow - flow variables, flow scopes, linking a flow to a service instance and a great big flow state object.
    • Passing control to a subflow and back.
    • Staying on the page with two kinds of AJAX
    • Advanced topics will include: A Web Flow "Transaction", shutting off the back button, listening to a flow, and getting flow information from outside the flow.

    Craig Fulton is a software architect at the NIPR helping to license insurance agents across America.  He has been in the Software Development business for over 25 years.  Starting out in San Francisco during the “Boom” and staying on the west coast until the “Bust” he has plied his trade in Ireland, India, Italy and points around the US.
    He has been using Spring and Java since virtually the 1.0 of each and has used Web Flow to create solutions in the Insurance, Insurance Licensing and Tax Deferred Cash Management industries.
    • 6 - 7pm - Social Hour with food provided at the Town Pavilion
    • 7pm - Presentation at the Town Pavilion
    • Afterwards anyone who is interested is invited to join us for an informal, sponsored social at the Flying Saucer located at 101 E 13th St Kansas City, MO 64106 (google maps)
    Location Details
    • You can park for free at the Town Pavilion parking garage located at 1253 Grand Blvd, Kansas City, MO (google maps). I have attached a picture of the front entrance of the garage.
    • You will then walk about a block to the Town Pavilion located at 1100 Walnut St, Kansas City, MO (google maps). I have attached a picture of the front of the building.
    • You will be further assisted once you enter the building.
    • Afterwards anyone who is interested is invited to join us for an informal, sponsored social at the Flying Saucer located at 101 E 13th St Kansas City, MO 64106 (google maps)

  •

    Wednesday, April 1, 2015

    5:30 PM

  • DST Systems Inc

    333 West 11th Street, Kansas City, MO (map)

  • Same time, same place
  • Okay, I know this is a week later than I had announced but I've been working to line-up the prize package for you all. And, I can say with some certainty, the package will be rich!
    This night teams will be formed and rules on evidence, witnesses, and legal themes will be laid-out.
    If you're not already on a team, come and we will get you on one.
    Finally, the fantasy datasets can no longer be downloaded. I've got them and anyone who needs them please email me at and I will get you a link to the Dropbox folder where they reside.

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  • Snow and Company

    1815 Wyandotte, Kansas City, MO (map)
    39.091278 -94.585899

  • We should be easy to spot, but just in case, my cell is 816 730 4091. When I arrive, I will post a rough description of where we are sitting.
  • Hi!
    Let's get together and discuss all things IT, including web design, systems administration, application development, UX/UI, Linux and open source solutions, development methodologies, etc. etc.
    Topics to consider:
    - Versioning systems
    - Docker
    - Favorite IDEs
    - Favorite language(s) to work with
    - Professional certifications: valuable or valueless?
    - Android vs. iOS
    - Apache vs Nginx
    - Advice for newcomers
    - At what point does "dev" become "DevOps"
    - Worst/best job interview experience
    As always, our discussions will be informal and open format, but I thought this time I would bring a list of questions to prompt or facilitate discussion.
    While I primarily think o f myself as a web developer, these days I have been working with .Net and win32, with a focus on backup applications. I'd like to hear what projects you're working on, both professionally and for fun.
    On Twitter, I'm at @aljensen7. Note that if you have any IT project / group you'd like me to tweet / promote via my  Twitter account or various Facebook groups (gonzoprogrammers), be sure and tell me about them. Let's work together to promote the KC area tech scene.
    Oh, and please feel free to bring a friend or coworker!

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  • Google Fiber Space Lounge

    1814 Westport Road, Kansas City, MO (map)

  • Show off your final projects that you have/will submit to Udacity for grading and to receive your certificate! All students who completed the course will receive a StudyJam certificate of completion (this is not the same certificate as the paid one from Udacity).

    We will also have our regular monthly meeting. Topic(s) TBD.

    Bring your laptops along with your questions and/or helpful hints for others!

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  • Penton Inc

    9800 Metcalf Ave, Overland Park, KS (map)
    38.951416 -94.668274

  • We are going to discuss the role of Dev Ops in the website cycle. Jason Ford and Greg Smith  are two perspectives of the Dev OPs relationship and how to properly implement it in your environment.

    We will be providing food and drink! Hope to see you there!

  •

    UXPAKC Interactive Series: Monday April 6th “Designers and Content Creators:  Make Love Not War.”  Click here to get your tickets.  We’ll be at Garmin for this event!  Presented by Jon Kohrs and Christine Cawthorne.  They’ll dive into the tension between designers and copywriters and help us interactively assess the problems we face and work to resolve the arguments. We’ll find a way to build digital experiences together that are right for the user.


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